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Automatic image registration for astrophotography

RegiStar is a one-of-a-kind program that fully automates the task of aligning digital astronomical images. RegiStar shifts, rotates, and deforms as needed to precisely align images, even if they are at different scales or orientations or have been produced with different optical systems. RegiStar works on film or CCD images, and can register these very different types of images to each other. RegiStar can register all images in a directory with a single command, and has other powerful batch-processing capabilities.

Here is what RegiStar users are saying:

  • “I owe much of what I've done to RegiStar...which has essentially revolutionized amateur astroimaging. It certainly has provided the tools for creative imaging which I like to do.  Robert Gendler, Avon CT
  • “Every time I use RegiStar I can't believe how the software knows how to do what it does... that's got to be some of the most amazing code ever written...”  Tony Hallas, Foresthill CA
  • “RegiStar is the most helpful software introduced for astrophotographers since Photoshop.”  Matt BenDaniel, Medford MA
  • “The program really opens up all kinds of possibilities for creating shots we never would have attempted before.”  Alan Dyer, Calgary AB
  • “RegiStar is simply one of those ‘magic’ software programs.”  Philip Perkins, Wiltshire U.K.

After two or more astrophotos have been aligned by RegiStar, they can be combined in various ways. Small images can be stitched together into a mosaic, photos can be stacked to improve image quality, or high-resolution tricolor images can be formed. RegiStar includes tools to form these composites, and also provides for images it registers to be assembled and manipulated using other programs.

The once tedious process of accurately registering astronomical photographs is now just a matter of a single mouse click. With image alignment this easy, it will also change the way you do astrophotography.

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