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In order to install RegiStar, you must download the installation file REGIST32.EXE to your computer. After this file is downloaded, you can install an evaluation version of RegiStar by double-clicking the file.

The RegiStar evaluation version will run for only 30 days and has saving disabled. It includes a complete Help system and a few sample images. A small tutorial is included in the Help system.

When you are ready to purchase RegiStar and convert the evaluation version to a fully functional one, you will need to obtain a License Key through the Auriga Imaging website. This key can be obtained by pressing the Buy RegiStar button in the opening evaluation screen, and then following the instructions.

Currently, only a Windows version of RegiStar is available. RegiStar runs under Windows 95 or higher. See instructions on installing RegiStar under Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Download the RegiStar 1.0.7 installation file (2.3 MB approximately). The RegiStar License Agreement is presented during the installation process. You should read it carefully and install RegiStar only if you agree with the terms.

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