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Installing RegiStar under Windows 7

RegiStar 1.0.7 runs under 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Please note the following if you are installing RegiStar under this operating system:

  • To install RegiStar under Windows 7, download and run the installation file REGIST32.EXE while logged onto an account with Administrator privileges. Accept the usual UAC warnings.
  • If the RegiStar installation does not succeed and you do not have WinZip installed on your computer, try installing this program on your computer and then running REGIST32.EXE again. You can install a free evaluation of WinZip by visiting their website.
  • If installation fails despite following the above instructions, try installing RegiStar under Windows Safe Mode. You will need to restart your computer to enter Safe Mode. See instructions on entering Safe Mode under Windows 7. After installation, you can reboot to normal Windows mode.
  • The first time you run RegiStar after installation you must also do so using an Administrator account. For this initial run, right click the RegiStar 1.0 shortcut in the Start Menu or taskbar and select "Run as administrator."
  • The evaluation version must also be "Run as administrator," or else it will report 0 evaluation days remaining. After activation, the program can be run as normal and can also be run using other user accounts.
  • In order to use the RegiStar Help system under Windows 7, you must download and install this Microsoft patch. To avoid a Windows validation error, install the patch using Internet Explorer.

If you need further assistance, please see our main support page.

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